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About Us

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Alchemy. Image source: Pixabay Tome. Image source: Pixabay

We are Magick...

Everything within our existence is pure magick, that you and I are but a part of. Magick is within us, and as luck would have it, some of us know how to harness it and work with it as authorities. Never is there a reason to stand by and watch your life make decisions on your behalf and allow it to drag you along by the hair, as it were. There is far too much magickal power and there are far too many magickal resources available for that to even be considered. Work more with solutions. Don't accept, but instead demand... and become the master/mistress of your destiny.

Solutions that work include, working with a magician who provides services that address your needs; and also working with spirits, entities and immortals, for their advice and guidance as well as the energetic influence they can provide. Working with wise beings can bring a wealth of knowledge right to you. And all you need to access this invaluable resource is a means by which to communicate with them. 

I am truly inspired by my magickal work, and am here to serve you in whichever way you may need. Just reach out and your wish will be my command...

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Atmosphere enhancing accoutrements [Pixabay]  Leather bound blank book

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Our universe is a vast and exciting place to explore...

The universe is full of wonder and awe. Once one's heart and mind open up to exploring it, they're not likely ever to turn back. Each person's journey will be a unique experience. To make the most of your journey, all you require is a connection to yourself and to the universe, there is nothing else that you need...
Hi, I am Joodhe, the owner of this store. You like I, are surely aware that there are things we can do to enhance the ambiance around us, to support our focus as we work on psychic awareness, magick, and spiritual growth. It all but goes without saying, that there are a number of metaphysical activities that require tools; amongst them lie cartomancy, pendulum divination, crystal healing, and more. Additionally there are items we can acquire that feed our interest and our spirit on some level, which is another way to facilitate achievement. Well I want to be here for you when you want that certain tool, book, or other aid; I want to be the one you trust to make such purchases with.
I've long been a tarot card reader, I've been reading since 2007. During my time as an enthusiast I've amassed a considerable collection of tarot cards, so have become an experienced online shopper as well as an experienced metaphysical item shopper. I know what I like in terms of simplicity in site navigation, what I expect in terms of quality and customer support, and also know how customers expect to be treated.
To summarize, the entire concept behind this store is a collective one - to provide the items you are looking for, to offer good quality for good value, and to offer the best customer service that we are able to provide. With that said, welcome to my store!
Yours sincerely,
Joodhe (Jude)  
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