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Ametrine Tumbled Stones 1lb GTAMETB

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Tumbled Ametrine  GTAMETB

Ametrine is a quartz based stone, in which amethyst and citrine exist within the same crystal structure; as such it can be used in place of either stone. The influence of each of these crystal types in the same stone allows them to amplify and augment each other. Thus while you may use amethyst for psychic or mental strength while performing a task, the citrine in the crystal can help increase the chance that your efforts will be successful. 

And as well, while you may use citrine for money or wealth work, the amethyst can help ensure that the source of that money or wealth is strong, stable and sustainable. Because this stone is a blend of three crystals (quartz, amethyst and citrine) it is a powerful focus for strengthening/increasing the chance of success in your alchemy and transformative work. Stone sizes vary. Sold by weight, not stone size or count. 1lb.