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Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil 1oz OCINB

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Cinnamon Bark Oil 1 Ounce  OCINB

Cinnamon oil can be used to aid in spells and rituals, and also works well alone. It is ideal for spells where one seeks to attain financial gain, for themselves or for another. It is also commonly used for the purposes of purification and stimulation; you can use it to purify and bless your tools and candles, or to enhance a spell or ritual intended to stimulate growth in your life as you wish. Though it may be used as a catalyst in any spell or ritual, traditionally it is known to be best suited to those geared towards financial gain.  

Cinnamon oil is also a suitable choice of oils for when you are seeking to represent the astrological sign of Scorpio or the element of fire in your rituals, and is also used as a fragrance and anointing oil within the celebrations of Yule, Mabon, Lughnasadh, and Imbolc. This is a one ounce bottle of pure anointing oil, blended with a natural base oil such as almond oil. For external use only.