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Shaman Volkh Entity (protection/enhances magick) Custom Conjure

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A Shaman Volkh type entity is a Volkh, that has chosen a human form as its primary shape. As well as being humanlike, the shaman volk entity has abilities which are relative to protection, magick & ritual energy enhancement, and also to offering wisdom and guidance. And as for protection, the shaman volkh is top of the line. 

They are not WA or GA, but they can be either. By nature they are White Arts, but are fiercely protecting shapeshifters, that can energetically be whatever they wish to become. Though the look yours has will be from any of an infinite range of appearances one could have, we offer as visual guide, an image of one that was once available in our store.

When these shaman volkhs are elders, their experience and wisdom is richer yet. Elders as a rule are very wise and learned; they generally have additional abilities. Some abilities will only be disclosed to their keeper companion once they are sent on.  

**This listing is for one spirit conjure (bound to spirit); there is no tangible item unless you purchase a vessel for a small extra fee. Images offer a representation of what these spirits look like to those who perceive them. The image serves as an example only, and does not represent the specific look your spirit or entity will have.


About Spirit Keeping

This listing assumes that you are familiar with spirit keeping and realize that an awareness needs to be developed in order to perceive and/or communicate with spirits. As we move along informational pages will be posted, but meanwhile feel free to ask questions about this listing and similar ones. 

Shipping as it applies only to conjures:
Spirits conjured by our crew can be bound to you by spirit, or otherwise can be bound to a tumbled gemstone vessel, which is purchased separately. All mailed vessels are spelled, to ensure the safest delivery possible for your companion spirit.

For international locations the shipping is costly. However, if what you are charged for shipping is more than the actual cost to us from the warehouse, you will be reimbursed the difference apart from one dollar for handling. Shipping fee is applied during the checkout process.

You will be emailed a form after your purchase is received, which enables you to provide the small amount of information required. The service involved will be performed within 3 to 5 business days, and you will be notified upon completion. Shipped vessels when required, will be mailed within 3 to 5 business days in most instances.