Egyptian Mummy Athame Set RA70D

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Egyptian Funereal Knives Duo  RA70D

Each athame in this set possesses a cross guard shaped as an eagle with wings spanned; each is adorned with a tiny gemstone of red, set right above the blade. There are hieroglyphics adorning the blades. A depiction of a pharaoh in funereal attire decorates the smaller knife handle, he holds a crook and flail. 

The larger athame has two snakes encircling the handle, the pommel has four pharaohs in funereal attire, much like the image on the smaller knife handle. This charming knife set will serve to assist you in your rituals and crafts. Comes with black leather sheath holding both knives. Cannot ship to MA or CA. 18" with 10" blade, & 11" with 6" blade.