Palo Santo 5 Smudge Sticks Amazonian RSPAL5A

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Premium Palo Santo Wood  RSPAL5A

Palo Santo sticks come from the bursera graveolens tree, found in tropical and subtropical areas of South America. This richly aromatic wood is burned as incense. Long before it was introduced to North America, it was used by shamans to clear negative energy, attract positive energy, re-establish peace and balance, to enhance concentration and meditation, and to heal people on the physical and spiritual levels. 

The Amazonian brand of Palo Santo wood is a sustainably harvested premium product, for which only naturally deceased trees are used. The method by which this wood is harvested, leaves it richer in the oil that provides its fragrance. Pack of 5 sticks; 4" to 5". 

  • Aroma: Somewhat like frankincense - woody and resinous. 
  • Intention: Meditation, concentration, aromatherapy, energetic purification, attract positive energy, healing. 
  • Ingredients: Palo Santo wood.